FintruX Network successfully manages $ 25 million in its token sale the global P2P lending ecosystem, has successfully achieved more than 22,000 ETH from taxpayers around the world through its token sale. The benefits of the sale will be used for the construction of a platform based on Ethereum that will fundamentally improve the P2P loan experience for small businesses and start-up companies.

“We are honored to see that there are thousands of people from 100 different countries who share our vision of giving service to those who present a poor service and who have helped us to achieve a total of 25 million dollars that will allow us to make our Global P2P lending ecosystem is a reality, “said Founder and CEO of FintruX Network, Nelson Lin.

FintruX Network gives power to small businesses, especially companies that start from around the world, in order to access the financing they need in just a few minutes from prestigious institutional lenders and accredited investors at reasonable rates. The absence of cash flow is a major problem that continues to occur in small businesses and companies that start around the world. Traditional financing options may not be accessible or may have oppressive credits that further restrict liquidity rather than providing the relief sought.

The platform allows an unsecured financing of content cost through

the application of waterfall levels in the insurance to cover potential losses. This is enhanced by means of innovative scoring mechanisms complemented by machine learning and artificial intelligence, which maximize the success of the secured loan for lenders that have not been seen in traditional financing.

Finally, FintruX Network makes all these tools easy to use. In addition to instant pairing, this platform simplifies the creation of contracts and their management by providing an interface that even non-programmers can understand. A single intelligent contract is generated, deployed through the FintruX Network for each loan approved in real time, which provides unambiguous, unchangeable and censorship-resistant records where arbitration is not necessary.

FintruX Network will test the selective live loans at its alpha launch that will begin in the second quarter of 2018, welcoming additional lenders who wish to participate in the alpha and beta testing of the platform.

a Singapore blockchain start-up company backed by technology experts Robocoder Corporation

which aims to build a global P2P blockchain highway. The company also seeks to obtain loans without ensuring that they are highly secure, and its ecosystem facilitates the loan at the marketplace with an authentic network of peers to facilitate the flow issues of each of the small businesses and start-ups. The numerous leading ecosystem partners of the FintruX industry are currently Bancor, Bloom, Cynopsis Solutions, Datawallet, Hive, Person,, and Trust Wallet.

Founder Nelson Lin has been an innovator all his life since the beginning of his career as a systems analyst at JP Morgan in 1986. Lin invented asynchronous programming calls, deploying the first online credit award in Canada. He also invented the low code development platform called Rintagi. In 2017, Open Sourced Rintagi became a global collaborative project. This has also been used in the knowledge and technology base of FintruX.

In addition to its founder, the entire team has extensive experience serving the financial industry in Asia and North America, as well as building the assurance software that currently manages billions of assets. This experience, in particular, is what has allowed the FintruX team to create a platform with this technology that makes unsecured loans highly secure, making low-cost loans, even across borders, a reality.