I worked in three shifts, but my then $ 260,000 salary, which was good at the time, was always just enough to last my next paycheck. To give you an example, there was a day when I spent $ 5,000 on a nasal, so I guess I was spraying the money as if I had to. Then the problem started – there was a rumor that the BKV would no longer go out to the town where I live and the Volánbusz would not start night flights.

Since I wanted a car anyway (all my friends chewed my ears, and of course I wanted to go out for a drink as well), with zero savings and zero forints at the end of the month, I looked for one. Once upon a time I am just young, no matter what I wanted for my first car, I made so many compromises that the 3-door 1.3 would be enough, but it only made the second car the second most expensive at the end of the hit list. Of course, since I needed it right now, and I saccra figured that the monthly installment would somehow fit in, I went to Good Finance where I had an account.

The purchase price of the car is 750 thousand

The purchase price of the car is 750 thousand

So “for security” I applied for 900 thousand forints. It took about 20 minutes to process my application, which is no wonder I had to pay back $ 1 million to a total of 400,000 forints. Of course, this somehow escaped my attention, only to be interested in making 23 thousand forints a month for 5 years. Nowadays, it’s amazing why I didn’t go to other banks for offers, or simply type in a calculator that is 23 thousand forints 60 times.

It took me about 1 year to figure out that the three shifts were not right for me, and since I received an administrator offer, I was with her why not. Although he paid only 160 thousand instead of 260, but I was going to sleep well now, he will fit in anyway. This work ceased after 3 months and by that time the economic crisis was in full swing. If I had bought the car at that time, it would have cost me half.

They did not take me back to my previous place and after a while I applied to all existing places – fast food, grocery, hypermarket, whatever. There was no answer anywhere, there was no work back then. Unemployment benefit was all I had to pay the installment, and when it was gone, I had 2 months of unpaid money at the bank. That’s when luck and acquaintance found a job for 130,000 a month.

My first month’s salary just as the first day went to pay off my debt.

My first month

Half the next month. For 60 days I was pretty much referring to my mother’s cooking, and besides, I spent nothing, nothing. I can imagine a few more soulful things than a man’s pay coming in, giving in, and spending 30 days on nothing, but knowing not much afterwards.

Then, a year and a half later, they took me back to my old place, now that the crisis was over. Good pay again, things started to go up. But at home they were less and less well-behaved that I still hadn’t flown out, which turned into a quarrel – I had to go right away.

Of course, I continued to save zero forints, but I was offended to such an extent that I headed straight to Good Finance. The rent is 90 thousand, the deposit 180 thousand, I need a minimum of 270 thousand, so for sure, I took a loan of 400 thousand, besides the existing one.

Once I was there, seeing what a premium customer I am with a monthly payment of $ 250,000, I was offered a $ 50,000 overdraft – now I’m moving, anything can get right, but be it.

I calculated that if I pay attention to my spending


It will even come back, so I didn’t have much time and found myself paying $ 400,000 in credit card debt.

By the time I noticed there was only one way out – to replace it with another loan. So again, Good Finance is heading, and in March 2015 – with only half a year left to come out of my 5-year loan – I was able to take out a $ 900,000 loan again for $ 1 million.

At that point, I was aware that this meant 23,000 a month, but I was still lucky enough to pay off a credit card debt.

It is so broken that I simply accepted that this is how the world works, it is impossible to survive even with such a payment.

Then in March 2017 the divine spark came, what if I started following my spending. After browsing Google, I ran into a program called YNAB (You Need A Budget), but I felt like spending 30 euros on a program just to start saving, so I reached for the good old Google Sheet.

Even so, it took me about 1 year to get my monthly payment not to be automatically deducted from $ 80,000 (30,000 repayment + default interest, $ 50,000 overdraft). I pay my bills now the day they arrive, no more delays with the payment.

We were wellness this year and will be going to Greece in the summer (which I do much since I still have no spare, but I wanted to give this to my partner). And besides, I can put it aside and I hope to pay off all my faith next year.